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TopTip 3: How to Install WordPress for your Website with MyWebToNet

This TopTip shows you just how easy it is to install WordPress onto your website with MyWebToNet ! Step 1: After checking your domain name is available (see TopTip 2) Login to your account in the bottom left hand ‘Login’

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TopTip 2: How to check for an available domain name on MyWebToNet Website

Step 1: Enter the domain name that you require in the ‘Find’ box in the top right hand corner of the Home page. Step 2: Select ‘Available Create Order’ on the domain with the ending type you require. ┬áThis will

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TopTip 1: Create a MyWebToNet Customer Account for your WordPress Website – its easy!

As a new customer, the first stage is to select your domain, create a new account, process your order and then you are ready to go with your new website! This post shows you how to do this with MyWebToNet

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