Why choose WordPress for your new website?

WordPress is an open source platform that gives you the freedom to create a wide range of websites.

Favourite Anchorage Sunset

Favorite Anchorage Sunset

WordPress offers so many possibilities for almost any type of website or blog enabling the features and framework needed to create unique and successful websites.
WordPress has been developing for nearly 10 years now. It is widely trusted as an excellent platform and has been used for many professional companies and organisations websites.
Eventually when you become an ace programmer with WordPress, you can contribute code to improve and develop WordPress.  This means its available for everyone to use for no fees or charges to the customer.
Some of the advantages include being able to use templates or ‘themes’ to base the design and layout of your website. You can also add ‘plugins’ to customise your site and add extra features and capabilities so the options are almost endless!
Some plugins help you connect with social media, improve security for your website and add special sections like contact forms and even e-commerce solutions.
A major benefit of WordPress is that it is possible to create a simple blog or basic website or add a variety of extra services and create a sophisticated and elaborate site with many ‘whistles and bells’. Either way regular WordPress updates enable you to keep your site up to date and looking good.
WordPress has a support forum and lots of documentation to read up and learn about how it works that can be really helpful for a new user. Another important plus is that with the latest themes your website can be accessed by a range of different computers, laptops and mobile devices, so anyone can reach your website even when they are on the go.
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